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September 29, 2008

Facts about Germany, in English

If you read a past blog entry, you will remember these words:

One good way to learn English is to read English articles about subjects you know well. For example, you could read an English book which you had already read in German. So you know the plot (the story) already. This means that even if you don't understand ALL the words, you can still understand what you are reading.

One subject you probably know very well (if you are one of my German readers)
is ... Germany!! So reading about Germany in English should be quite easy for you.

Well, here is another, even better, link to a site about Germany with lots of interesting facts. Read about them in English, and if you don't understand something, you can try and find the same information on the German version of the site.

Facts about Germany

For example, here is the link to the English glossary, and below it you will find the link to the German glossary. Of course, the words are in a different order, but you can easily find the matching translations:

(Thanks again to Gabi for this link, who received it from Aniello)


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