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October 17, 2008

Keep shtum

I was just listening to the latest episode of 'The Archers' – a radio soap opera from England – and it finished with a character saying "So let's keep shtum about it."

What did he mean? Well, this is a German word being spoken in English – 'stumm' means silent or mute.

And the phrase therefore means: "Let's keep quiet about it." or "Don't tell anyone about it."

Here's the entry:
and an interesting internet debate about the phrase

The phrase probably didn't come into the English language directly from German. Instead, it is an example of 'Yiddish' – a dialect spoken by Jews, which is still used by Jewish people in many countries:

As well as 'kindergarten' and 'abseil' there are lots of German words that we use in English:


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