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October 25, 2008

Vocabulary - Word Families

When you learn vocabulary, you often hear about 'word families'. If you find words that 'belong together', you can learn these words together.

For example, 'names of fruits'. If you learn 'apple', then learn 'orange, banana, pineapple' at the same time.

In lessons your teacher often uses flashcards. You can learn new words more easily if you learn the words with the pictures.

Today I want to tell you about a website where you can see pictures with 'word families': Tag Galaxy. This website asks you for a 'tag' (a word describing a picture) and looks for all the photos with that tag at 'FlickR', a website for people to share photos. Then it looks for the other tags on those photos and makes a 'tag family' and shows you a 'tag galaxy' with planets that are the tag family members. So you see 'word families' on screen. When you click on the 'planets' you see lots of photos with that tag. Fun!

And if you click on the interesting photos and go to the FlickR websites, you can read about the photos and practise your English some more!

When you want to learn English you have to USE your English. If you want to use your English you have to find interesting things and then read them. This is just one idea to find interesting things to read! Have fun!


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